Postcards from NY - vol. 1

We all are street photographers, landscape photographers, travel photographers, in a certain way. Some of us just decide to specialize in a particular field or have tendency to catch a particular kind of images. I can’t a v o i d street photography; however, it’s a pity that my eyes can’t take a photos, my images would be much better.

Personally, I take photos all the time; I take photos of my cat (and my cat and my cat once again), food, drinks, wine, flowers, friends, light, architecture; when I’m sitting with friends in cafe or jogging. (To make it clear, I jog definitely too rarely…). It’s my life, my addiction, inner need, which became my profession.

I was simply too bad in other professions.

So today I would like to share some visual impressions from the city which doesn’t sleep. Ok, it’s just Manhattan that doesn’t sleep. Or some parts of Astoria. Or …

Ok. Enjoy.