Postcards from NY - vol. 1

We all are street photographers, landscape photographers, travel photographers, in a certain way. Some of us just decide to specialize in a particular field or have tendency to catch a particular kind of images. I can’t a v o i d street photography; however, it’s a pity that my eyes can’t take a photos, my images would be much better.

Personally, I take photos all the time; I take photos of my cat (and my cat and my cat once again), food, drinks, wine, flowers, friends, light, architecture; when I’m sitting with friends in cafe or jogging. (To make it clear, I jog definitely too rarely…). It’s my life, my addiction, inner need, which became my profession.

I was simply too bad in other professions.

So today I would like to share some visual impressions from the city which doesn’t sleep. Ok, it’s just Manhattan that doesn’t sleep. Or some parts of Astoria. Or …

Ok. Enjoy.

Ubu Roi

Recently I had a pleasure to shoot clothes designed by Juliette Pétriat, which are costumes for the theatre play ‘Ubu Roi’ by Alfred Jarry. All costumes have been created for female actors, despite of the fact that two represented characters are male (plus third one is the ghost of male character…) . I highly appreciate Juliette’s talent, her strong attention to details, tailoring skills and colorful imagination. All together, I see here true pieces of art and preliminary to haute couture.

Le Spectre

Model: Laura

Le Roi Venceslas

Model: Odilya Mendy @odilyamendy

Le Capitaine Bordure

Model: Federica Violi

La Reine Rosemonde

Model: Hannah Weidenauer

Thank you for great work!

Graduation with honors from the Spéos International Photography School - Paris & London

22nd of May 2019 I was happy to graduate with honors from the Speos International Photography School. I received prize in the ‘Studio’ category and I’m truly pleased that my hard work has been appreciated.

The main price was the possibility to exhibit my portfolios and works during Les Rencontres d’Arles, , which is considered one of the most important and meaningful photography festivals and in Europe. My works have been shown in the city center during the special projection night  Spéos Photo Awards Screening-Voies Off and in the art gallery located at 7 Rue de la Liberté.

Unfortunately I couldn’t participate in the festival, but I’m very glad that this way my photos could be seen by wide public.

Photo by Valeria Papp-Quinci

Photo by Valeria Papp-Quinci